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StratusVue BIMfx
38 West Grand - Suite 100
Fox Lake, 60020
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2020-05-29 2:00 PM
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“On Friday, Governor Pritzker issued Executive Order 2020-15 allowing school districts to communicate, respond to, and open bids electronically for school construction projects.  Section 10-20.21 of the Illinois School Code would otherwise prohibit bids for construction purposes from being communicated, accepted or opened electronically.  Importantly, the Executive Order does not eliminate the requirements for electronic bidding that are intended by the General Assembly to maintain the integrity of the sealed bidding process and to limit the possibility of bid rigging.  The minimum requirements for electronic bidding include a requirement that the person opening electronic bids do so using a password assigned to the bidder. The requirements also include minimum data security provisions for the database on which electronic bids are stored.”
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